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Historic Home Restoration in Newton

Knowledge and Experience for Historic Home Restoration Many Newton-area homeowners come to us for exterior painting of older or historic homes. Exterior painters who work on historic buildings require a specific skill set that not all painters have. Many people … Read More

Painting Window Frames

You probably notice wear and tear on your window frames and trim more than other exterior painting on your home. The smaller surface area of these features tends to take a lot of abuse and magnify the imperfections. Why Does … Read More

Interior Paint Problems

7 Interior Paint Problems and Solutions Interior paint is not as susceptible to the elements as paint product on the exterior of your home. But interior paints have their own distinct issues. The two best ways to correct paint problems … Read More

Curb Appeal Checklist

Creating Curb Appeal in 4 Key Areas for Home Sale Value Curb appeal becomes critical when selling your home. Small touches can increase both a buyer’s interest and the offer price. For you and your family, curb appeal makes your … Read More

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