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Blue Paint: Contentment in a Can

Blue paint colors inspire a range of feelings from peace and tranquility to strength and empowerment. The experience you come away with depends on the full-color palette of the space to include lighting and accessories.

The idea that paint colors change your mood and affect brain function has been scientifically proven. Studies reveal the color psychology of blue paint:

  • Naturally calming
  • Promotes communication, trust, loyalty, and efficiency
  • Represents honesty and intelligence
  • Enhances creativity
  • Offers reassurance and stability
Kitchen in SW Marea Baja Blue Paint - ProTEK Painters of Newton 812

Color: Sherwin-Williams Marea Baja SW 9185

Blue Looks Good, Feels Good, and Makes Cents!

Blue paint actually increases the sales price of your home according to a 2017 study by Zillow. Light blue or pale blue-gray in kitchens and bathrooms sold for more money.

Bedrooms with light cerulean to cadet blue wall colors sold at a premium. Homes with slate blue to pale gray-blue dining rooms also sold for more.

Blue paint is also effective in a home office.

Blue Paint on Walls of Home Office - ProTEK Painters of Newton, MA
Home Office - Blue Paint on Accent Wall - Normandy 2129-40 BM - ProTEK Painters of Newton 400
Blue Colors:
Left-Sherwin-Williams Georgian Bay 6509
Right-Benjamin Moore Normandy 2129-40

Indeed, carefully chosen hues of blue in the workplace are linked to improved productivity. Businesses that want to project an image of security often utilize blue in their advertising and marketing efforts.

Blue Paint is a Consistent Best-Seller

Blue is the most-abundant color on the planet. It is also one of the most beloved colors worldwide.

It's no wonder blue is also one of the best-selling and most popular paint colors, year after year, for top paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr.

Benjamin Moore Best-Selling Blues

Benjamin Moore Best Selling Blue Paint

Shades of Blues Can Make a Room Feel Cozy More Than Any Other Color

Blue almost always gets along with other colors. It's easy to mix and match.

  • Try lighter blue paint on the walls accented with darker blue crown molding and trim. A crisp white ceiling backdrop and white accessories create a welcoming, timeless space.
  • Consider a medium blue on the walls with patterned furniture and accessories in both lighter and darker shades. You can never have too much blue.
  • A vibrant shade of teal or aquamarine can inject brightness into a dark space.
  • Blue can make an area feel larger. A few pops of blue accent in any color room will brighten it up.
  • If you want to try a bold color in your home but are scared you won't like it, blue paint is much safer to experiment with than reds, yellows, or oranges.

Designer Tips for Choosing Blue Paint

Bedroom with blue paint and crisp white accents

Feeling Blue? Here are Some Tips from the Pros

  • When you're looking for a pale blue, avoid the pretty baby blues and go for one in the blue-gray family.
  • If you are tired of white ceilings but don't want to go for a dramatic effect, pale blue is refreshing and makes the room feel taller.
  • Mix cooler shades of blue with warm-colored accents for a complimentary, balanced look.
  • Use blue paint as a neutral backdrop and add lighter and darker blue accessories and furniture.
  • If you don't mind a dark bedroom, classic navy is restful and reassuring and makes the corners of the room fade away. White bedding or accents look especially crisp and clean.
  • Blue teals or a shade with hints of green warm up a space.
  • Interiors shouldn't have all the fun. Give the front door exterior a cheerful, welcoming design.
Blue Paint Exterior - Front Door and Porch - Misty Gray - Blue Lake - ProTEK Painters of Newton MA 812x451

Color: Door-Benjamin Moore Blue Lake 2053-40

Is Blue the Natural You?

Blue is overwhelmingly found in nature - the pale blue of a daytime sky, the turquoise of the ocean, and the aqua blue of lakes and streams.

It is considered conservative and traditional and can even lower your pulse rate and body temperature.

When choosing paint colors for the interior or exterior of your home, consider the diversity of shades in the blue paint color family.

Color of bathroom featured at the top of this post: Benjamin Moore Blue Daisy 2062-40

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