Want Help Choosing Paint Colors?

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The color of your walls changes the mood and personality of the space, so choosing paint colors you like and that make you feel good is an important decision.

Whether you need help matching existing paint, if you are painting to increase resale value, or want to infuse your personal style into the rooms of your home, choosing paint colors is fun and effective with ProTEK Painters.

Our paint color specialist can help you select just the right colors for your needs. And we’ll make sure the process is smooth and stress-free!

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The Color Consultation Process

Because of the magnitude of shades and tints within the same paint color family, we suggest an initial visit to your preferred brand paint store. Collect some free samples you like and bring them home.

Our color specialist will work with you to identify the best color selections and combinations for your home, and offer our experienced feedback about your preferences.

We’ll take into account all of the factors that might affect how a color looks on your walls - from the lighting in the room to the colors of your flooring and furniture - to help you get the look you want.

A rule of thumb: Warm colors can make your space feel more cozy and friendly, while cool colors are fresh and calming.

And, if you want to match an existing color or the paint colors of another home or building, all we need is a paint chip sample. With today’s computer color-matching technology, it’s easy to get an almost exact match.

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