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Is One Coat of Paint Enough on My Exterior?

Let's Clear Up the Exterior Coat of Paint Dilemma

When it comes to exterior painting, there is a misconception out there that two finish coats of paint are always better than one.

Search the internet and you'll find painting contractors and DIY websites across the country stating that two exterior finish coats are strongly recommended or even required.

Their reasoning is that two coats achieve lasting durability and resistance to the high-moisture weather in the New England region.

In fact, most painting companies automatically quote for two finish coats on the exterior, regardless of your home's condition.

One Finish Coat of Paint is Effective in Most Cases

However, in most cases, two finish coats only increases your cost and pads the painting contractor's bottom line. It means that you pay for more materials and twice the labor.

At ProTEK Painters, our experience and expertise prove that the only time two finish coats of exterior paint may be necessary is:

  • In new construction
  • When there is extensive damage to the siding
  • When a color change won’t hide the old color in one finish coat
  • When using low-quality, low-performance paint products.

Indeed, 99% of our residential exterior painting projects require only one coat of paint finish and look great for years.

We have painted thousands of homes since 1999, and literally have hundreds of customer testimonials from happy homeowners to prove this point.

Is one coat of paint enough for my exterior? Ask John Guarion of ProTEK Painters of Newton, MA

Why Only One Coat of Paint Instead of Two?

Notice that when the siding on your house peels, it peels down to bare wood. This is because it is actually peeling from the inside out, which is usually caused by a moisture issue.

Two finish coats of paint will peel just as easily and quickly as one coat of paint, in this case.

If you think about it, how many coats of exterior paint are currently on your house's siding right now? Yet, it hasn’t stopped it from peeling over time, right?

In addition, a home's siding can only take so many coats (layers) of paint over the years before stripping or re-siding is necessary – and you don’t want to rush that expensive process.

The bottom line?

It’s not the quantity, but the QUALITY, of exterior paint, that matters.

There are excellent exterior paints on the market by well-known, recognized brands you can trust such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr. We work with manufacturers who stand behind their products with lifetime warranties.

These products, however, typically require more skill during the exterior painting preparation and application process. This is one of many reasons why a professional paint job is so beneficial.

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Rest assured that ProTEK Painters offers a workmanship warranty.

If you have questions or concerns regarding one finish coat of paint or two on your exterior, save yourself some money and contact ProTEK Painters for a professional and free onsite consultation estimate.

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