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Ask A Newton Painter: Is One Coat of Paint Enough for My Exterior?

As you plan an exterior painting update for your Newton, MA, home, there's much to consider. Will you do the work yourself, or will you hire a professional? What brand and sheen will you need? How many coats should you apply?

And, of course, if you're going to hire a professional, which Boston metro-area exterior painting specialist should you choose?

While you certainly don't want too thin of a coating, applying too many coats will only cost you more time and money without improving the appearance of your home or providing any additional protection. Let's discuss why the experts at ProTEK Painters recommend applying only one coat of paint for external painting projects.

Let's Clear Up the Exterior Coat of Paint Dilemma

When it comes to exterior painting, there is a misconception out there that two finish coats of paint are always better than one.

Search the internet and you'll find painting contractors and DIY websites across the country stating that two exterior finish coats are strongly recommended or even required.

You'll hear that same thing from many of the painters in Newton and the surrounding areas as well. Their reasoning is that two coats will achieve lasting durability and resistance to the high-moisture weather we typically see in Massachusetts. Surely, this is something to consider when getting the job done, but it's rarely as simple as that.

Deciding how many coats of paint to apply on the exterior of the home depending largely on the type of paint, the condition of the home, and the skill of the painter. Many painting companies automatically quote for two finish coats on the exterior without putting much consideration at all into these details, which may very well be costing you more money than you need to spend.

One Finish Coat of Paint Will Be Effective for Most Massachusetts Homes

In most cases, one finish coat of paint is really all you need to protect your home from the harsh New England weather. One coat lasts the same amount of time as two coats of paint does, and it doesn't negatively impact the look of your home. In fact, it may even make your home look better, as adding too much paint can cause ridges and lumpiness on the finish. Hiring a professional painter who understands this will save you from having to pay unnecessary labor and materials and will get the project finished quicker.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, however. In our experience, the only times when applying two finish coats of exterior paint may be necessary is:

  • In new construction
  • When there is extensive damage to the siding
  • When a color change won’t hide the old color in one finish coat (like a light color over a dark one)
  • When using low-quality, low-performance paint products.

That being said, 99% of our residential exterior painting projects require only one coat of paint finish and look great for years. At ProTEK Painters, we have painted thousands of homes in and around Newton, MA since 1999, and literally have hundreds of customer testimonials from happy homeowners to prove this point.

A painter in Newton climbing a ladder to inspect a home's condition
One exterior coat of paint is effective in most cases

Why Only One Coat of Paint Instead of Two?

Notice that when the siding on your house peels, it peels down to bare wood. This is because it is actually peeling from the inside out, which is usually caused by a moisture issue. That is why two finish coats of paint will peel just as easily and quickly as one coat of paint on exteriors.

Think about it: how many coats of exterior paint are currently on your house's siding right now? Yet, it hasn’t stopped it from peeling over time, right?

In addition, a home's siding can only take so many coats (layers) of paint over the years before stripping or re-siding is necessary – and you don’t want to rush that expensive process.

You can't stop moisture. In Roslindale, one of the towns in our service area, the average morning relative humidity rises as high as 73%. It only drops below 60% for 25 days of the year. Roslindale gets 44.9 inches of precipitation every year. Other towns in the Boston suburbs will have similar numbers.

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It's Quality, Not Quantity, That Matters

The bottom line from all this? It’s not the quantity, but the quality, that matters when it comes to exterior paint projects. Choosing an excellent exterior paints on the market by well-known, recognized brands you can trust such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr really makes the difference in how much paint needs to applied to a project. (Our customers especially love the convenience of visiting Sherwin-Williams' local Newton store location to look at paint chips in person.)

ProTEK Painters only works with manufacturers who stand behind their products with lifetime warranties so our Newton customers can enjoy a high-quality paint job for many years to come.

Quality is also a huge factor when it comes to who you hire to paint your home. A skilled painter is deeply familiar with his tools and materials, which allows the project to be done right the first time, without the need for additional coats of paint to hide mistakes. The team at ProTEK Painters is comprised of quality workmen who take pride in their work and are highly experienced. We also offer our customers a workmanship warranty, in the off chance that your exterior paint peels or chips within two years.

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