Professional Drywall Repair Services

A Great Paint Job Depends on Quality Drywall Repair and Preparation

The professionals at ProTEK Painters have years of experience in drywall repair and replacement. No project is too big or too small - from hanging new drywall panels to dealing with small dents and holes. In addition to drywall repair, we refinish surfaces, prime, and paint with the training and expertise for top-quality results.

ProTEK Painters is committed to offering fair pricing and completing your project in a timely manner. Our dedication to customer service is unmatched, and the quality of our finished work speaks for itself. Expect honesty, transparency, and exceptional customer service that you'll feel confident recommending to your friends, family, and associates.

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Drywall Installation and Finishing

Drywall installation and finishing are processes that require careful attention to detail. The majority of homes are frame-built with wood or pressed-steel studs set at 16” centers. The 4' X 8' drywall sheets are hung onto the studs with screws. As the lengths and widths are multiples of 16, the sheets fit the studs with very little waste.

During drywall installation, screws are used at intervals on all the studs behind the sheet to secure it. The drywall installer needs to be careful not to use too much force or the heads will go through the paper covering.

In the next phase of drywall finishing, a skim coat of drywall compound covers seams, screw heads, and inner corners. Then a drywall tape is pressed on the wet compound and covered with another coat of the compound. All screw heads and mars on the surface are then covered up.

A good drywaller is very careful not to use too much mud because it will have to be sanded off later creating more of a mess than needed. After the first coat dries, it is lightly sanded and then a heavier coat is put on which brings the compound up to the surface of the drywall.

Last, the drywall is sanded to a smooth finish and the surface is ready for painting.

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Why Drywall Repair?

Repair of drywall may be needed for a number of reasons. Perhaps a plumber, electrician, or another contractor cut holes or moved walls as a necessary part of their work. Repairing drywall may be the unfortunate result of water or fire damage. But in most cases, holes and small imperfections in drywall are caused by hanging décor, moving furniture, rambunctious children, or interior design projects. Accidents happen, right?

So many times, we've come across DIY painting projects gone bad. The biggest reason paint is failing or simply doesn't look good is due to a lack of quality drywall repair and preparation. Without it, you won't have the paint adhesion needed for a long-lasting, smooth finish. You'll be left with blotchy, streaky results or even flaking and peeling paint. Investing time in drywall repair saves you money in the long run. ProTEK Painters repairs drywall for projects like kitchens, living rooms, and bedroom painting.

Owner of ProTEK Painters, John Guarino, and his team of craftsmen have the right tools, know all the tricks of the trade, and will prepare your drywall for a beautiful, lasting paint job expertly and efficiently.

Trust in ProTEK Painters for professional drywall repair, light carpentry, popcorn ceiling removal, and wallpaper removal in conjunction with your interior painting project.