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Exterior House Painting in Lexington, MA

Recent Projects: Exterior House Painting in Lexington, MA

From bright, functional Georgian homes to Italianate village homes, the houses in Lexington often bear a distinctive style. ProTEK Painters also understands you don’t have to live in a historical home to want to preserve the character and flavor of the classic New England look.

When your Lexington home needs a fresh coat of exterior paint, but you’re not sure which colors to choose, check out these local projects to gather some fun new ideas.

Featured Homes: Part I

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Lexington MA-Cheerful Farmhouse-ProTEK-200x200
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Lexington MA Classic Charm ProTEK 200x200 1
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Bright and Inviting

This home could appear imposing and grandiose finished in traditional exterior paint colors. Choosing a striking color palette helped give the home a playful look while preserving its impressive presence. Perfect Periwinkle (SW9065) on the siding accents the undertones in the stonework while Pure White on the trim showcases each architectural feature.

Cheerful Farmhouse Vibes

Here you get to glimpse us hard at work applying a classic color combo for exterior house painting in Lexington. We used SW 9646 Create for the body, a gentle neutral color that was perfect to offset the genuine stars of the show: the shutters.

SW 7585 Sun Dried Tomato allows the shutters to provide a bold pop of color, all while remaining true to the character of this traditional neighborhood.

Lexington MA-Cheerful Farmhouse-ProTEK-600x400
Lexington MA-Paint it Black-ProTEK-600x400

I Want to Paint it Black

Sorry for the ear worm, but we couldn’t resist. In this photo, we’re just putting the finishing touches on this grand contemporary home.

It may look black in the light, but that’s an illusion: there are a lot of good reasons you wouldn’t want to use a pure black on an exterior paint job. But the homeowner loved the effect of SW 7615, Sea Serpent, paired with a Linen white trim.

Classic New England Charm

Even though we're not close enough to live on the coastline, exterior house painting in Lexington can still capture a sense of the seaside lifestyle. This gorgeous bungalow is a great example.

The homeowners wanted to preserve a coastal feeling, and who could blame them? We painted the siding in SW 6614, Quite Coral, and then trimmed the house out in SW 7757, High Reflective White.

Lexington MA-Classic Charm-ProTEK-600x400

Featured Homes: Part II

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Lexington MA Welcome Here ProTEK 200x200 1
Lexington MA-Historic Wood-ProTEK-200x200
Lexington MA Multi Story ProTEK 200x200 1
Lexington MA-Lazy Vibes-ProTEK-600x400

Lazy Afternoon Vibes

The owners of this home love sitting out on the porch with a steaming cup of coffee or a glass of homemade lemonade. Exterior house painting in Lexington doesn't get much better than this classic suburban New England home.

For this job, we used a three-color combination to display this home to its best advantage.

Color Choices for Exterior House Painting in Lexington, MA

Lexington is a historic town, but that doesn't limit your paint color choices. You can go as red at the Munroe Tavern, a sturdy gold like the Hancock-Clarke House, or a play on the traditional style like this recently painted home.

We applied SW 6177 Softened Green to the siding. Despite the name, the effect on the eye can range from a soft off-white to an almost cheerful yellow depending on the lighting. Using SW 7757 High Reflective White ensured that the trim offered a 'door's always open' greeting.

Of course, the actual star of the show here is the front door, trimmed out in SW 2839, Roycroft Copper Red. It pulls the rest of the exterior together and helps the entire home look amazing.

You’re Welcome Here

Speaking of doors, we thought we’d give some focused attention to a fabulous entrance. Choosing the right paint colors can help you convey a sense of warmth and welcome.

It can also help brighten a front door like this one, where they set the door into an alcove that might otherwise appear shadowed.

Exterior House Painting in Lexington - Welcoming Blue Front Door - ProTEK Painters

The home was painted in SW 6441, White Mint. And SW 6467, Kendal Green, makes the door pop right out of the alcove. It’s fun without being over-the-top and tells anyone who arrives that they should take off their coat and stay awhile.

Historic Wood Siding

Here are three stages of exterior house painting in Lexington so you can get an idea of how it might play out for your home.

Exterior House Painting in Lexington - Historic Wood-Carpentry Repair-ProTEK-400x600
Lexington MA-Historic Wood-Painting-ProTEK-400x600
Lexington MA-Historic Wood-After-ProTEK-400x600

On this little gray house, we started with siding repair and light carpentry. Next, we worked on the roofline and prepared the deck for sanding and repainting. And finally, we prepped the home for painting. We applied SW 6191, Contented to the siding. The homeowners chose SW 0068 Copen Blue for the deck.

What a difference! Contented is technically a shade of gray, but it’s light enough to appear as a creamy cozy white for improved curb appeal.

Towering Multi-story Home

Here’s another in-progress photo. We're preparing the siding and repairing it prior to the application of the paint.

This pre-prep process is essential to a successful, lasting result.

Lexington MA Multi Story ProTEK 600x400 1
Lexington MA-Multi-Story-AFTER-ProTEK-600x400

Almost done and shaping up nicely!

The siding is now brightened and refreshed with SW 9646, Create.

This is a neutral paint color that can fit into almost any New England neighborhood.

We’ve trimmed out this home with SW 7100, Arcade White.

We're Thrilled!

I can’t recommend John and his team enough! He arrived quickly after we contacted him about paint services for our condo and he was professional from start to finish. We had a few questions as to why our building was turning off color, and he took the time to explain the issue in detail and offer a solution. His price was very reasonable, and he and his team were helpful, punctual and responsive with all of our questions and needs throughout the whole process. The actual paint job came out great, inside and out. We’re thrilled with the final product! Highly recommend!

Sarah P.

How Will You Paint Your Home?

Have we given you a few ideas for exterior house painting in Lexington?

When we start any exterior paint job, ProTEK Painters experts consult with you to discuss your color preferences. We also make suggestions based on the home’s style and the flavor of the neighborhood. This helps you ensure that your paint job will contribute to the value of your home and highlight all that makes your house unique.

Want to get started? If you live in Lexington, MA or the surrounding areas, contact us to schedule service today.