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Exterior Paint Colors (How to Choose a Paint Color Scheme)

Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

The colors you paint your house are part of an exciting and rewarding exterior painting home investment. It's a decision that significantly affects curb appeal. Your color choices are especially important if your house painting is in preparation for sale.

Keep in mind that a high-quality exterior paint product is going to last for years. So choose colors you will like, and that will be marketable, several years down the road.

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What are the most popular exterior house paint colors?

These classics never lose their appeal.

Exterior House Painting Colors - Yellow with White Trim - ProTEK Painters Newton MA

Should I consider my neighbors’ exterior paint color combinations?

Yes! Look around the block, especially the homes right next to yours.

If there is a warm-colored home on one side, and a neutral home on the other, choose from the warm side of the pallet. You could use a trim similar to the base color one of the neighbors used.

The goal is to coordinate in an aesthetically pleasing, unique way and be the envy of the neighborhood. Painting your home a vivid red or lush purple in an area full of light browns, whites, and pale golds will make it stand out like a sore thumb.

However, a subtle gray with bold blue or red accents would fit the color scheme of homes nearby while putting your home distinctively on display.

Can exterior paint colors make my house look larger or smaller?

The size of your home should positively affect your choice in exterior color.

A light color will make a small house look more prominent and pull it towards the street. Conversely, dark colors will make it appear smaller and blended into its surroundings.

Use darker or bolder colors to create a welcoming front entrance.

Painting the Front Door

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  • Classics for the outside of your front door beyond a wood stain finish include gray, black, red, green, and blue.
  • Look inside the front door. Are there any colors in there you want to match? If you have unique decor or furniture that will be there a long time, consider choosing a matching color to add uniformity to the interior and exterior.
  • Finally, look at the features of your home. Are there any brass fixtures? Do you have plants or landscaping that draw attention? If anything like that stands out, consider a color that compliments the existing elements.

How does my roof affect exterior paint color schemes?

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Is your roof brown? Look at warm colors. Yellows, oranges, and red variants fall into this category. In earth tones, you want to consider beiges and tans for exterior paint colors.

What if you have a black or gray roof? Move into the cooler shades such as grays, greens, blues, and some shades of purple.

Do you have a green roof? Go very traditional - white or off-white with black trim. Or stick to earthy exterior paint colors: beiges, browns, or soft grays.

Have a red roof? Again, tradition is a great option. Earth tones, however, can look washed out.

What exterior paint color schemes work with my shutters?

Benjamin Moore - Painting Shutters - ProTEK Painters Newton MA 700
Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

This beautiful house features a body and trim painted in Distant Gray OC-68, shutters and porch ceiling are done in Harbor Haze 2136-60, and the front door painted in Cool Blue 2058-40.

Many people think they are stuck choosing trim and accent colors in shades similar to their siding, like light brown siding with dark brown accents.

But you can effectively paint your aluminum or vinyl siding in a neutral or warm color with accents in coordinating contrast. Try gray siding with red accents, gold siding with dark brown trim, or beige siding with blue trim.

Choose your shutter colors based on the paint you've already chosen for the siding of your house. Black or white shutters give your home a traditional or classic look. Vivid contrasting colors are more contemporary.

What if I have a brick house?

Brick Home White Trim Blue Shutters - ProTEK Painters, Newton MA

Treat the color of your brick like it is the primary paint color on your home.

Examine the shade and hue of brick color closely. Red brick, for instance, might look more brown, red, or purple.

Some of the best colors for most brick are:
- Grays
- Whites and off whites
- Yellow
- Purples in the deeper shades, such as plum
- Greens
- Black and charcoals
- Wood stains of all types

Are there any special considerations for my area?

The Newton area has a rich history and architectural heritage. If your home is older or located in a historical district, you'll probably want to choose traditional colors to help maintain or increase the property value, preserve the history of the area, and foster community pride.

Sherwin-Williams offers an interior and exterior historic paint color chart. Talk with ProTEK Painters for details about our free color consultations.

Bold Exterior Paint Color Scheme - Lime Green and Red - ProTEK Painters Newton MA

What are some popular exterior color combinations?

Choose an exterior color palette that makes you happy every time you arrive home. The suggestion below include a base color plus accents.

  • Ivory, white, and aqua
  • Aqua, royal purple, and white
  • Yellow, brown, and white
  • Green, yellow, and white
  • Dark gray, white, and turquoise
  • Yellow, cinnamon, and white
  • Yellow and light gray
  • Green, light blue, and off-white
  • Olive, oak, and white
  • Deep red, blue-gray, and beige

Armed with this information, you are ready to choose your own exterior paint colors and schedule an estimate to get the job done.

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