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Exterior Paint Ideas for Doors

Front Door and Trim Paint Colors that Welcome You Home!

Exterior Paint Ideas - ProTEK - Newton, MA - Camel exterior paint with White Trim and Brown Shutters and Doors

Exterior paint ideas begin at your front door. The entrance welcoming visitors into your home is a great way to express yourself.

Exterior doors must also stand up to frequent use and the weather. They should be easy to clean and resistant to damage. We ask a lot of our doors. Consider a semi-gloss paint sheen in a high-quality brand.

Front Door Paint to Enhance Curb Appeal or Sell

Exterior paint is always one of your best return on investments for selling or general curb appeal. On the front door, with some minor repairs, it is near the top of improvements that increase value.

Fixing up the front door brings up your asking price. But home buyers want to see normal - it assures them you haven’t done anything crazy with the rest of the house.

There’s no secret here. Keep it traditional.

That purple door might express your personality (we’ll get to those options), but it doesn’t help you move your house.

White, Red, and Black are Your Go-To Colors

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The best exterior paint ideas blend the colors of doors and trim with the siding's base color.

White - Let’s start with Behr’s Polar Bear for a white door. Clean, fresh, cooling (like all neutral colors) - it fits, so your trim just needs to match the base. Polar Bear on the Door and Iron Mountain on the trim gives a crisp, clean look.

Red - Red stands out more. Thankfully it still matches almost everything. Pairing Benjamin Moore’s Ruby Red on the door and Mozart Blue on the trim opens many options.

Black - Black is the boldest of the traditional colors. It speaks of confidence and enhances curb appeal, especially when paired with a softer color. Take Sherwin-Williams Black of Night on the door and Choice Cream on the trim for example.

Exterior Paint Ideas for Neutrals and Naturals

Exterior Paint Ideas - Green Front Door - ProTEK Painters Newton MA

Blue and Green - Blue and green aren’t traditional in most areas and styles, but they are acceptable standards when the overall exterior paint color scheme is stunning.

Natural colors spice it up without too much risk. Neutral earth tones give that classy, rustic feel.

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Neutrals - Neutrals work well with glass doors. If you want to explore trends without a new door, they allow that. Metal doors are heavy. The right neutral provides a great look without the hassle.

Looking to give your home that Irish cottage look? Sherwin-Williams Shamrock on the door and around the windows with Supreme Green on the trim is gorgeous.

Want to get daring? Benjamin Moore Dusky Blue with Sausalito Sunset on the trim gives your door a bold, contrasting look.

What about those neutrals? Behr’s Baronial Brown on the door with Almond Latte trim provide a look that mimics wood, making your home both timeless and classy.

Bold Front Door Paint Colors to Express Yourself

Exterior Paint Ideas - ProTEK Painters - Newton, MA - Color Wheel

You want to be you, and you want your home to show it. Your options are limitless. Keep the color wheel in mind. And your neighbors.

Do you want something vibrant? How about a door that looks like solid stone? Maybe you feel the appeal of otherworldly serenity that comes from pastels. All are possible with the right combination.

Exterior Painting Techniques - ProTek Painters - Newton, MA - The Henson - Black door with yellow, blue, green, red square panels

If you love purple, let’s go back to Benjamin Moore. Purple Rain on the door and Lemon Ice trim work well. Enough to show who you are while not being shocking. Just remember, you will want to have them repainted if you ever decide to sell.

You want the wood to look solid? Sherwin-Williams Quest Gray doors and Alabaster trim. You’ll swear you saw your home in a movie somewhere.

Behr’s Pastel Jade on the door and Pale Green Grape on the trim will give your home that exotic look. Remember to mix it with a warm color for the base. You don’t want too much of a good thing.

No matter the reason for the change, the colors on your door and trim are important.

Let us know your exterior paint color ideas. We can offer color advice and get started on the transformation right away. For more inspiration, visit our House Painting Blog.

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