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Exterior Painting in Belmont

Inspiration Project Gallery of Exterior Painting in Belmont, MA

We know Belmont as the “Town of Homes,” because of its status as a mostly residential city, and for the distinct architectural styles that dominate the region.

Most homeowners here take a great deal of pride in their homes—and know that their neighbors won’t hesitate to voice their opinions if they choose paint colors that don’t fit the neighborhood!

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a paint color expert to make exterior painting in Belmont look amazing. We'll also help you schedule a time when we have the best temperature for painting outside to ensure the success of your exterior painting project.

Your goal is to choose paint colors that will make your home stand out in all the right ways, without undermining the historic character of the town you call home. Here are a few exterior house painting projects we've completed in Belmont to give you some ideas.

Practical Prairie Home

Everyone loves a good before and after, and we’re happy to oblige. There aren’t that many Prairie homes in New England, as it was only popular for about a decade. They went up fast and furious through the 1910s and then fell out of favor by the 1920s.

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Exterior Painting Belmont MA-Gray with White Trim-ProTEK-600x600

For this project, the homeowners wanted simple, practical colors to match this home’s simple, practical design. They were definitely ready to get away from basic browns and 70s pinks.

This family chose Sherwin Williams 7604, Smoky Blue, for the siding. It’s trimmed out in white and SW 6240, Windy Blue.

Exterior painting in Belmont wouldn't be complete without a matching shed. It now coordinates beautifully with functional charm.

Exterior Painting-Belmont MA-Shed-Gray with White Trim-ProTEK-600x600

A Stately Colonial Revival Home

The Colonial Revival is the quintessential Belmont home style. It remained popular from the 1880s clear into the late 1930s. Some were even going up well into the 40s. They’re sturdy, classic, and roomy. This example has updated its windows to offer a more modern feel, delivering a heap of natural light into the interior rooms.

The homeowners wanted to capture that early 19th century elegance. To achieve this, we agreed on SW 0077, Classic French Gray, for the siding. The trim offers a pop of color thanks to SW 6128, Blonde.

Exterior Painting-Belmont MA-Dark Gray with Yellow Trim-ProTEK-600x600
Exterior Painting Belmont MA Dark Gray with Yellow Trim Side ProTEK 600x600 1
Exterior Painting-Traditional clapboard house in Belmont-ProTEK-600x400

A Friendly Traditional Clapboard

This bright, pretty home isn’t just a New England Staple. It’s almost the archetypal American Dream home.

It’s a shining jewel thanks to SW 9691 Crystalline, a clean white that is just muted enough to avoid becoming overwhelming in direct sunlight. Add a very dark SW 6244 Naval to the shutters, and you create a home with timeless appeal.

Styles of exterior painting in Belmont include traditional, minimalist, trending, historic, and modern contemporary.

Brick House

People often forget that brick houses need paint, too, as every brick house has trim. Here you see before and after exterior painting photos, and a glimpse of our team doing some prep work. Yes, those vines were a treat to remove!

SW 9665 Sunny Side Up helps to bring out the red of the bricks, while refreshing this home with a fun, modern color that still fits right into its Belmont neighborhood. We also added SW 6006, Black Bean, to elements like the gutters and the fascia to create a striking, dramatic effect.

Belmont MA Exterior Brick before renovation
Belmont MA Exterior Brick-Repainting Trim Yellow-AFTER-ProTEK-600x600
Belmont MA Exterior Brick-Painting Trim-ProTEK Paint-600x600
Belmont MA Exterior Brick-AFTER-ProTEK Paint-600x600

How Will You Update Your Belmont home?

As you can see, you have many suitable options for exterior painting in Belmont, even in this very traditional community. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some ideas!

When the experts at ProTEK Painters meet with you, we’ll discuss the character of your neighborhood, the style of your home and your personal preference. The end result will make you proud of your home’s curb appeal.

Want to get started? If you live in Belmont, MA or the surrounding areas, contact us to schedule an estimate today.