Staining or Painting Cedar Siding in Newton, MA

Cedar is a beautiful choice for siding, with some unique qualities that make it highly desirable for your home. For instance, cedar has natural oils that resist rot, insects, and decay better than other wood siding.

However, the challenge for homes with cedar siding is that it requires frequent repainting or staining every three to five years. Otherwise, the moisture retained in the wood will warp its beautiful appearance and make it more susceptible to rot and mold.

Further, when water gets behind the siding, it subjects the wood to extractive bleeding (brown streaks and staining). Moisture also causes painted cedar to peel, flake, and blister. Chalking occurs when UV rays and weathering degrade the paint, causing the color to fade and form a white powdery residue on the exterior.

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As a homeowner with cedar siding, you already know that:

  • Cedar takes stain very well, revealing a rich and beautiful texture.
  • The long-term durability of cedar siding is excellent, especially when compared with aluminum or vinyl siding.
  • It’s higher maintenance than most other exterior siding materials.
Fantastic! Scraping, prepping, and painting of exterior cedar shingles and trim. We were walked through the details of the work and were given clear understanding of what the finished product would look like. We are very happy with the service.

Cedar Siding Maintenance Tips

Air pollution contains chemicals that adhere to your cedar siding or shingles and weaken the finish. Frequent pressure washing (every two to four years) removes pollutants, dust and grime, car exhaust fumes, pollen, and mildew. It’s also important to protect your home’s exterior from the extensive damage insects and birds can do. Light carpentry repair will help keep your exterior in good condition. Paint or stain your cedar siding every five to ten years, depending on its condition.

  • What is Extractive Bleeding?

    Cedar contains naturally occurring chemical extractives that provide durability and weather-resistant characteristics. However, when these chemicals are dissolved by water, the result is brown streaks and staining. You can often rinse it away with a hose. Extractive bleeding is not a paint or stain failure.

  • How Do I Remove Iron Stains Caused by Nails?

    A reaction between the extractive chemicals in the wood and the iron in the nails creates staining at the nail heads. You can replace the iron nails with hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel, or attempt to remove the stains with specialized cleaning solutions.

ProTEK painted the exterior of our house. ProTEK coordinated repairs to the clapboards, washed, primed and painted. Where the original builder had omitted caulk, ProTEK fixed the problem. They also added soffit vents that were missing. The weather did not cooperate, so the job took a long time. But they were careful and did a very good job. The results look great, and there is no sign of wear three years later.

ProTEK Painters Exterior Services

ProTEK Painters is licensed, bonded, insured, and EPA Lead Certified. We offer a two-year workmanship warranty. Browse exterior painting FAQs for more information.

Your painters can update your cedar siding, in addition to other wood siding, stucco, aluminum, and vinyl. Exterior painting add-on services include:

Great experience working with John, Breno, and the ProTek team. Reasonable price, high-quality work, and friendly service painting our home.

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