Fence Painting

In the Newton, MA area, fence painting is an important maintenance project protecting the barrier you want around your property. Fences in Massachusetts come in many varied materials, from wood to brick to wrought iron and even shrubbery. Each of these materials comes with special maintenance needs to keep it looking great and standing tall. Periodic painting is always one of these maintenance tasks.

But you don’t want to spend all your beautiful weather weekend time preparing and painting your fence. Instead, let the experts at ProTEK handle this chore for you.

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ProTEK’s crew showed up on the promised day and got right down to work. They were very efficient, confirmed what work was to be done, reviewed the finished job with me to be sure I was satisfied, and was very considerate of my property. - Bruce H.

Fence Painting Process

ProTEK services include:

  • Carpentry repairs to your fence before painting
  • Pressure washing or preparation to surface to ensure good paint adherence
  • Painting or staining with top quality products in the color of your choice

ProTEK is prepared to handle single family home, HOA communities, apartment and condo complex and commercial fence painting projects.

Laws Regarding Property Fences in Massachusetts

Did you know there are Massachusetts state laws related to the maintenance of fences around properties and people appointed to inspect and enforce these laws? Some of these laws date back to when most fences in the area kept livestock and in or out of areas and to define exactly where one person’s property ended and another began. Local municipalities appoint people called “fence viewers” to review and enforce these laws.

Here in Massachusetts, you will see fences constructed from many materials and of a variety of ages. Next time you are out for a drive, see who can spot the oldest or most unusual fencing along your route. These property boundaries can be as unique and beautiful as the property they enclose.

For more information on fencing regulations and the fence viewers who are appointed to inspect, enforce and resolve fencing conflicts visit the State of Massachusetts Commonwealth Laws chapter 49.

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Why Your Fence Needs Fresh Paint

Wooden, brick or concrete fence materials are frequent choices for privacy and security around properties in Massachusetts. Homeowners with painted surfaces need to keep them attractive and protected from damage by repainting them occasionally. Painting your fence has many benefits, including prolonging its life.

Below are reasons you should consider painting your Newton area fence.


Wooden fences are vulnerable to damage from rain, sun, wind and snow. Allowing the wood direct exposure to these elements reduces its useable life. Professional painters, like ProTEK, apply high-quality paint that provides protection from rain, sun, and wind for a long time. By coving the fence with a protective layer of paint, no water can seep through causing rot.

Enhances Home Value and Curb Appeal

Fresh fence painting transforms your yard by providing a clean backdrop to the rest of your landscaping. A freshly painted wooden fence is visually beautiful and adds curb appeal to your home.

Thinking of selling? A fresh coat of paint on your fence raises the value of the property because purchasers notice items like this. A well-maintained fence usually means a well-maintained home. For more tips on ways to make your home look great, check out our curb appeal checklist.

Importance of Hiring a Pro

No one enjoys painting on your days off. But there are other reasons you should hire a professional like ProTEK.

  • Proper cleaning and preparation of fence surface to ensure paint lasts.
  • Quality–we apply an even application for an impressive look and proper coverage to protect it from the elements.
  • Problem areas identified and repaired before painting.

Our guarantee - ProTEK Painters is proud to provide our customers with a Limited Two-Year Workmanship Warranty.

Hiring a fence painting professional is less expensive than you imagine. With ProTEK Painters, you get a great paint job at a great price. This paint will not only improve the look of your property, but it is also protecting the fence from the elements and increasing its useful life. Painting your fence is far less expensive than replacing rotted boards.

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Popular Fence Paint Colors

Updating your fence is an excellent method to make your backyard more attractive. When choosing a fence paint color, often homeowners want their fence to blend in with the surroundings. Other times, homeowners want to make a bold statement.

Using popular fence paint colors is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. Here are trends in fence painting to give you ideas.

Traditional White

Traditional white is an excellent choice for many home styles. Often, people dream of living in a home with that white picket fence. When you use white, it creates a classic look. Don’t forget… there are so many shades of white available you will find your perfect match.

Bold and Dark

A dark-painted fence is good for both modern-day and traditional homes as it functions as a neutral. Houses with bold black fences offer a setting for flowers and plants to stand out. The textures and colors will pop against a dark background.


Gray is a perfect neutral that blends well with homes of assorted styles. Gray-scale settings create a sense of depth, making spaces appear larger. A gray color on your fence is a great backdrop for any landscape and coordinates well with most home exterior paint colors.

Best Time for Fence Painting

In Massachusetts, we must complete exterior house painting and fence painting when the weather is warm and dry enough for the paint to cure.

So don’t waste your beautiful summer days prepping and painting your fence. Call ProTEK today for a free estimate.

We are an eco-friendly company using low VOC paint products guaranteed to last.

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