Garage Painting

Garage painting is another convenient service offered by ProTEK in the Newton area.

Do you want to paint your garage to match your house or paint it a completely different color? For instance, you may choose a color that complements your landscaping.

With either choice, fresh paint on a detached garage exterior that looks as nice as your home instantly increases curb appeal and adds value to your property.

In addition to garage painting, ProTEK paints other exteriors and outbuildings, like doors, window frames, sheds, gazebos, decks, porches, and fences.

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Why Is Garage Painting Important?

Painting your garage is important because paint protects the exterior surfaces. Unfortunately, even the best paint won’t last forever. You notice that it fades over the years due to sun and weather exposure. After enough time, exterior paint can also crack, blister, and dry up, especially if not applied correctly.

Sometimes we neglect to repaint a detached garage even though we paint the house. If the garage was added later, it may not have needed fresh paint when you last painted the house. No matter what the reason, ProTEK professionals will come give your detached garage the flawless paint job it deserves, even if you aren’t ready to repaint your house.

What About Inside the Garage?

We can even get the interior of your garage looking nice with drywall repairs and fresh paint. With ProTEK’s quality and value, consider adding a protective epoxy or concrete stain for a space that becomes more than a place to park the car. Now, it is a place you can’t wait to hang out in and work on fun projects.

Who knows, fresh paint may inspire you to take on the next Massachusetts garage makeover contest like this local resident who took his space from mess to the envy of the neighborhood with his Massachusetts extreme garage makeover project.

Exterior Garage Painting

Painting the detached garage is a job for professionals who have all the correct equipment. The City of Newton offers information about painting and maintaining historic properties and even they recommend hiring a professional to paint your property. Professionals like ProTEK have the right equipment for the job, train our employees to identify and repair problems like wood rot before painting and know how to protect the surrounding environment as they work. You can feel confident when choosing the experienced professionals of ProTEK if your property is a historic town treasure or a modern masterpiece.

ProTEK Painters is ready to do all your exterior painting near Newton and the neighboring communities. This includes the wood, aluminum, vinyl siding, concrete or stucco. We understand the problems with paint on detached garages that were ignored for many years.

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To make sure you get a superior garage paint job, we start with a soft pressure wash of the exterior to remove the dirt, mold, mildew, and grime that has built up over the years. Blisters, chalky powder, and cracked paint from earlier paint jobs washes away. If necessary, we sand and scrape off peeling paint before we apply fresh paint. This gives us a clean, smooth surface for the new paint to adhere to. Our ProTEK painting cost estimate will include any preparation work needed to guarantee your garage, shed or other outbuilding receives a professional paint job.

With endless color options from quality manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, selecting the perfect color will be the hardest part of your garage painting decision. But don’t worry, ProTEK has a color selection system to help you choose your perfect color.

Garage Door Painting

We include garage door painting with your detached garage exterior paint package. ProTEK professionals have experience painting many exterior materials, like wood, metal and vinyl. This means they know to use the right paint for the material of your garage door. Proper preparation, application and paint means you get a garage door that looks fantastic for years to come.

Selecting a paint color for your garage door is fun. You might choose to contrast the garage color with a darker or lighter door. You might also choose a fun accent color that matches your home door. Don’t forget to think about your color choice for window frames, trim and shutters too if your detached garage has them.

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Interior Garage Painting

If there is one place where the interior walls get neglected, it's in the garage! This is the room where you have shelves, hooks, or other storage areas along the walls. You keep vehicles, bicycles, sports equipment, garden implements, and tools in the garage. The walls sometimes crack, and the floor is often stained. But, who cares when this is only a storage and occasional work area?

The truth is, the interior of a detached garage can deteriorate if you don’t maintain it. The problem….. this deterioration affects a lot more than looks. Like your main buildings, cracks in the wall need repair to keep rodents and insects from accessing the space inside.

You store valuable items in your garage. No one wants to discover mice have set up a community next to grandma’s heirloom Christmas ornaments. Before painting the interior of your garage, ProTEK painters will seal and repair cracks and drywall, giving your detached garage protection from pests and the weather.

Next, fresh paint gives the space a new life. It becomes a space you want to be. Although many homeowners decide to paint garage interiors white, others are opting for subtle colors to give the space a special feel.

For example, a cool gray like Gray Screen from Sherwin-Williams is inviting and relaxing.  It is a superb choice if you love to hang out and tinker at your workbench. If you're into gardening, try Soft Fern, a subtle green from Benjamin Moore to brighten the space where you store your garden tools.

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Remember, a fresh coat of paint on the garage interior is more than just an updated look. A coat or two of fresh paint on the interior walls of the garage helps to protect your interior walls too.

Besides exterior garage painting and interior garage painting, ProTEK offers concrete stain and epoxy floors. We are a one stop shop to freshen up your garage space.

Call today for a free estimate and let us take your garage from dingy and embarrassing to a place you are proud to invite the neighbors into.

Improving your home with fresh paint is one of the most affordable upgrades you can do. ProTEK Painters have prepped, repaired, and painted literally thousands of homes over the last 25 years. We’re very good at it.

In addition, our knowledge of the right products, equipment, and methods to use in many circumstances gives you long-lasting exceptional value you’ll never get with DIY or an inexperienced painter.