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Shed Painting

How often should you paint your shed? We recommend shed painting or staining in our New England climate every five to eight years under normal circumstances. Sheds require maintenance to protect the siding just like the exterior of your home.

The ProTEK Painters exterior painting team, at your request, can add accompanying services for outbuildings such as sheds, gazebos, pergolas, arbors, pavillions, barns, porches, fencing, and detached garages. We also offer deck staining and sealing.

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Does Your Shed Meet Code Requirements?

Massachusetts State Building Code requires that any shed over 200 square feet will require a building permit, building plans, and a survey showing the placement of the shed on the lot.

Check with your city, too. For instance, Newton requires that the placement of a shed of any size will also require a building permit to establish compliance with City of Newton Zoning.

Shed Maintenance

Light carpentry is included as part of our exterior painting services for light repairs and to keep the integrity of your structure intact. Here are some maintenance tips to help you protect the functionality and appearance of your shed.

  • Discourage bugs and other pests from making a home in your shed by regularly sweeping the interior walls, ceiling, and floor. Do not store garbage bags or other pest temptations inside. Trim back vegetation around your shed.
  • Check for leaks and drips. These may occur because of a cracked window or a damaged roof.
  • Seal gaps around window and door frames.
  • Pressure wash your shed’s exterior annually to remove dust, grime, pollen, and other pollutants.
  • Repair and replace damaged siding.
  • Repaint when the finish begins to fail.

Our shed painting services include buildings constructed with aluminum siding, vinyl siding, wood, brick, cedar, and stucco.

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