Can House Painting Be Eco-Friendly?

We Make 'Ecological' More than Just a Buzzword

Are you looking for Green Painters? It's important to understand what eco-friendly painting really means, and what you should expect, before you hire a painting contractor.

As Eco Painters, We ConserveAs Green Painters, We Reduce Waste
Conserve power, fuel, and waterReusable tools
Products and colors for energy reductionRecycling and composting as appropriate
High quality, long lasting, low VOC productsApplying only the amount of paint and coats needed for the job

There are many reasons why Newton residents should consider hiring an eco-friendly painter.

First of all, our environmentally conscious practices significantly reduce harmful emissions and minimize the introduction of toxic chemicals into the air and soil. This approach aligns with our state's commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Moreover, eco-friendly paints often contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer for the painters and homeowners. By opting for an eco-friendly painter, residents can promote healthier indoor air quality within their homes or workplaces, supporting a more sustainable and eco-conscious living environment in Massachusetts.

What is Low VOC Paint?

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) help the paint dry. They are also the cause of that freshly-painted smell. The largest number of these chemical compounds are released while the paint is drying. But some of these compounds are released for years.

As they evaporate, these compounds deliver carbon into the environment. They also aggravate breathing issues and asthma, cause headaches, sore throats, and other short-term issues. Long-term exposure to these compounds can cause problems with the liver, kidneys, and cognitive process. Some are carcinogens and linked to cancer.

The green painters at ProTEK use quality brands such as Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin-Moore paints. All of them have low and no VOC options.

A Note About Lead Abatement

EPA Lead Certified - Lead-Safe Green Painters - ProTEK Painters - Newton MADue to the historic nature of Newton, lead paint is still heavily present in our homes and commercial buildings. Lead is dangerous to your family. Unless properly renovated, it can contaminate our children, the soil, and the air in our neighborhoods.

ProTEk Painters are certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers and follow lead-safe work practices.

Green Painters Always Recycle

Keeping garbage out of landfills is an important step to protecting our air, water, and soil. We clean the site at the end of every job, so you do not have to worry about disposal. We reuse and recycle tools and materials as often as possible.

ProTEK leaves extra paint with you, for touchups. When it comes time to recycle paint, extra care must be taken. Even no-VOC paint contains chemicals that should stay out of the ground and water supply.

You can recycle paint at the following locations:

Some areas only available during specific days or months.

Count on ProTEK's Eco Painters Service

Can interior and exterior house painting really be green? Absolutely!

ProTEK is dedicated to your health and our environment. In fact, they are so important to us that we made Ecological part of our name.

Other companies take a step or two towards being environmentally friendly. The painting industry should be conscious of their impact on people and the planet.

But ProTEK Painters makes it a priority to integrate ecological processes and materials in every way possible. We have been a part of the communities we serve for nearly two decades.

Being truly green painters is part of our commitment to sustaining Newton and the world for generations to come.