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Historic Home Restoration in Newton

Knowledge and Experience for Historic Home Restoration

Many Newton-area homeowners come to us for exterior painting of older or historic homes.

Exterior painters who work on historic buildings require a specific skill set that not all painters have.

Many people wonder if they need special permission to make changes. The City of Newton’s Historic District Ordinance defines what can and cannot be changed without a permit. These rules apply to all historic districts in the city, including Newton Upper Falls, Chestnut Hill, Newtonville, and Auburndale.

While changes are subject to review, painting does not fall under these guidelines. They list some alterations exempt from review, which include the "color of roof materials and paint."

However, to respect and protect your home’s heritage, ProTEK recommends participating in a color consultation. You can use color to bring out the architectural features of your home. Or research “period” colors and styles to inspire your exterior color scheme.

Historic Home Restoration by ProTEK Painters

Exterior painting preparation of an older home is unique in the care, details, and sometimes repairs needed to preserve its appearance and longevity.

By definition, historic homes were built before 1978 and, therefore, a lead inspection is required. If lead-based paint is present, you’ll need an EPA certified contractor, such as ProTEK Painters, to perform the work.

First, we thoroughly pressure wash your home, removing dirt and grime that inhibits new paint from looking its best.

Next, we’ll sand and strip, as necessary, to remove loose, cracked, and peeling paint. Light carpentry repairs or replaces damaged wood. Siding and trim repair and essential exterior maintenance are completed.

Last, we prime as necessary and start painting.

Color Schemes for Historic Homes

Here are some tips for choosing an exterior paint scheme that respects your home’s tradition.


Exterior Painters - ProTEK Painters - Weston, MA - Historic White Two Story HouseIf you scrape through to old layers of paint, you will find previous colors used on your home’s exterior. Check body, siding, trim, and fixtures.

You can return your home to the glory it knew in a different age with our color-matching technology.

Before embarking on this process, make sure you have a lead inspection and any required abatement to avoid health hazards.


A web search on palettes popular in a particular period shows what was popular at the time of your home’s construction. Choosing combinations of these colors returns your house to its youth.


Newton is rich with different home styles. Colonial, revival, federal, etc. all lend themselves to different paint combinations. To honor the traditional color schemes, you can input your house style into a search engine or consult with one of our experts.


Do you want to represent both your house’s style and the time it was built? For something that fits both, you can find palettes for both the model of the home and the era. A helpful resource for this comes from Historic Ipswich. It’s not Newton, but it is nearby and followed many of the same styles and patterns.


Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore both have wonderful color selections inspired by historical trends. Both companies are known for their quality and product longevity. Which is why we partner with them for the best paint on the market.

Local Tradition

Maybe you want something classical with a modern touch. You can go with what is known throughout the country as the Massachusetts look, charming older homes that match the sea and the sky. Pick a white foundation, then add blue and green to trim and accents.

Historic Home Renovation in Your Style

Exterior Painting Contractors - ProTEK Painters - Newton, MA - Color WheelThe most important part of painting your exterior is to create a place you are proud to call home.

Pick an exterior color scheme you love. Consider the neighbors, the yard, and what looks good on your home, but don’t let tradition limit you if you want something modern.

House Painting: Choosing Colors that Sell

Let’s Get Started Together

Now that you know what you want, or that you need some help choosing your color scheme, contact ProTEK Painters for a free estimate consultation. Let us be the exterior painting contractors for your historic home restoration. Enjoy peace of mind that your paint, like your home, will stand the test of time.