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House Painting: Selling or Buying a Home in the Newton Area?

Selling your home? Both interior and exterior house painting provide numerous benefits for home sellers and buyers. House painting increases desirability, makes the home feel fresh and well-cared for and reduces time on the market. It increases the 'wow factor', leading to quicker and higher offers.

The right colors inspire potential buyers to see themselves living in the home. House painting also covers flaws and normal wear and is one of the best return on investments you can make before selling your home.

Add Instant Value by Choosing Paint Colors that Sell

Selling your home? Blue paint colors add value in Newton, MA

The Best Home Selling Colors, Inside and Out

Personal taste, your furniture and decor, and the atmosphere you want to create all play in to paint color choices. A red, black, or white front door is more traditional. An orange or red dining room increases appetite. A pastel kitchen inspires creativity.

But when you're putting your house up for sale, choose colors that are proven to increase sales price:

  • Exterior - Neutral exterior paint colors appeal to the broadest group of buyers. Greige (a mix of gray and beige) sells for an avearge of $1,500 - $3,400 more. Avoid yellow paint colors on the exterior.
  • Front Door - Dark gray and dark blue doors commanded an average of $1,500 more. A black front door could increase the price of a typical U.S. home by 2.9 percent.
  • Living Room - Beiges brought an average of nearly $1,800 more. A living room painted warm tan with pink undertones could send a home price up 1.3 percent, more than any other color.
  • Dining Room - Gray-blue and navy dining rooms upped sale price by nearly $2,000.
  • Kitchen - Light blue kitchens enjoy an average increase of over $1,800 (light is important here, so the kitchen looks clean). Avoid brick or barn red. A tuxedo kitchen - dark cabinets and islands with light wall colors - can make a $1,547 difference in sale price.
  • Bathroom - Powder blue and very light purple generally increased sales prices almost $5,500. When you have periwinkle blue going on in the bathroom, your home price could be 1.3 percent higher (avoid purple in any other room).
  • Bedrooms - Blue bedrooms brought in nearly $1,900 more on average. We recommend light cerulean to cadet blue bedroom wall colors.

Source: Zillow

High Quality House Painting Services Add Value Too

Paint spills, drips, uneven coats, brush marks, sloppy edging - no matter how fresh and pretty the colors - will decrease the value of your home. Get professional house painting for results that reveal you've taken pride in your home and make home improvements right the first time.


Don't underestimate curb appeal as a highly influential element to home resale. Exterior painting provides cost-effective and dramatic visual appeal. It can increase the current market value of your home up to 200 percent.


A fresh interior paint job covers up paint chips, door dings, and smudges that have accumulated on your walls over time. A new coat of paint, preferably in neutrals or colors that are proven to increase sales price, modernizes and updates your home.

House painting makes your home stand out when selling in a competitive market. As a buyer, the purchase of a freshly painted home means you spend less on home improvements after you move in.

ProTEK Painters has served Newton area homeowners since 1999, earning hundreds of reviews for quality, dependability, and customer service. Contact us today for a free house painting estimate.

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