Best Bedroom Color Ideas

What color should you paint your bedroom? Bedroom paint colors represent rest and recharge, a cheerful ambiance, or intimacy and retreat.

Use wall color to create a specific feeling or mood rather than following current color trends. You’ll be glad the bedroom appeals to the senses and your whole-body health rather than a fashion statement. This is true whether you’re painting the master bedroom, a nursery or child’s room, or the guest room.

Bedroom Paint Colors that Help You Sleep Better

Interior painting may be the answer to a better sleeping experience. Choose a flat sheen in cool tones. Glossy sheens reflect light, which agitates restfulness, and warmer tones like reds and oranges stimulate rather than relax. According to abundant research in color psychology, these bedroom paint colors topped the charts.

Blue Bedroom Paint Colors - Celestial - Newton MA - ProTEK Painters
Blue Bedrooms Near Newton, MA - ProTEK Painters
Dark Blue Gray Bedroom Walls - Newton MA - ProTEK Painters


Cool tones of blue paint look and feel good in almost any room of your home. But multiple surveys reveal blue bedroom paint colors help reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and combat insomnia.

Blue and blue-gray shades are a good option in dark bedroom paint colors, like Sherwin-Williams Bunglehouse Blue (SW 0048) or Needlepoint Navy (SW 0032). Lighter bedroom blues that imitate nature are also an excellent choice, like Celestial (SW 6808).

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The magic of green painted bedrooms is the restful calm they achieve as they mimic nature. Shades of green are also the most visible color to the human eye from a distance, which is why traffic lights are green.

Tranquil shades of green can help you sleep better and feel refreshing each time you walk into the room. Soothing soft greens in celery or sage tones include Majolica Green (SW 0013), Frostwork (SW 0059), or Acanthus (SW 0029). Darker greens to consider include Studio Blue Green (SW 0047), Drizzle (SW 6479), or Ripe Olive (SW 6209).

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Bright yellow offers a cheerful, uplifting, and even energizing experience. But this makes it a poor choice for the bedroom. However, muted yellow pastels wrap a room in warmth and comfort that’s optimal for a good nights’ sleep.

Try Icy Lemonade (SW 1667) or Pineapple Cream (SW 1668). You could also use yellow as an accent to neutral bedroom paint colors for a splash of sunshine that isn’t too intense, like Colonial Yellow (SW 0030). Benjamin Moore’s Little Angel 318 in dark yellow or Cotton Tail 2155-70 in cozy pastel are wonderful shades for painting a child’s bedroom.

Brown Painted Walls in Bedroom - Newton MA - ProTEK Painters
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Neutral Bedroom Colors - Browns - Newton MA - ProTEK Painters


If you prefer to go with darker bedroom paint colors, dark brown can enrich the space and convey a sense of strength and security. Look at Pashmina AF-100 or Intellectual Gray (SW 7045). Add lighter tints of brown with pink undertones or water-toned blues for a down-to-earth feel.

Consider lighter brown tones like Benjamin Moore Silver Fox 2108-50 or Sherwin-Williams Neutral Ground (SW 7568). In a recent study of 18 colors, brown was the second choice for both men and women for their living rooms and the fourth choice for their bedrooms.

Gray is okay in a bedroom with coordinating colors that brighten the area. Cyberspace (SW 7076) is a rich dark gray that works well with light grays and whites. Ben Moore’s Silver Half Dollar (2121-40) is lovely with white, calming blues, or cheery yellows.

Classic white tones are always fresh and pleasing as bedroom paint colors. Whites and creams provide the perfect canvas for decorating to suit your personality.

Final Tips on Bedroom Paint Colors

  • Avoid intense reds and oranges in the bedroom. These colors heighten the senses, inspire passion and even appetite, but often cause an agitated, restless night’s sleep.
  • If you are an early riser, choose soft, warm hues in the bedroom. You’ll still feel cozy as you fall asleep, but refreshed in the morning when you get out of bed.
  • Neutral colors work well in a baby’s nursery with either contemporary or traditional furnishings. You can let your decor tell the story rather than the bedroom wall colors.
  • Consult a color wheel or paint color chart to understand complementary colors. As a ProTEK Painters customer, you can also request a free color consultation from our paint color expert.

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