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Home office painting is important as we spend more time in at-home workspaces. The psychological effects of paint color and decor in your home office can help motivate you or drag you down.

Yes, you'll want to choose attractive or professional paint colors. But the emotions, moods, and ways of thinking that color arouses should be a top priority in your color selection.

6 Home Office Painting Ideas for Success

1. White or Off-White

Choose from many shades of white including bright and crisp and creamy off white.

Any tone of white you prefer helps minimize distractions and improve your focus.

In fact, it’s a preferred color choice of perfectionists, organizers, and minimalists.

Home Office Painting-White is a good color choice for perfectionists, organizers, and minimalists-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters

White is a foolproof backdrop for any mood or motif.

Add furnishings or decor in reds and oranges to feel energized, blues and greens for tranquility and rejuvenation, or yellows and purples for cheerful charm.

2. Beige-Gray

Otherwise known as greige, beige-gray is perfect in the home office for concentration and focus. It is not as organic as white paint color schemes, but it’s modern, minimizes distractions, and goes well with wood office furniture. Check Sherwin-Williams top five shades of greige.

Greige is magical in how it plays with the light in the space. Look for LRV ratings in various tints of greige. LRV is an important term in color psychology that indicates the percentage of light reflected from a surface. Bright lighting makes greige a quiet, sophisticated background. Lower light levels give Greige a mysterious, enchanting feel.

Home Office Painting-Sherwin-Williams top five shades of greigeHome Office Painting-Greige is a great neutral choice-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters
Home Office Painting-Greige is a great neutral choice-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters

3. Blue

Many studies over the years have shown that blue paint colors help increase productivity. Shades of blue have also proven effective in stressful environments. Dark blue with warm undertones helps you relax your mind and feel safe. Light blue tints brighten your mood as it mimics the skies and seas of nature.

We often associate blue with trust, authority, and security. Therefore, we see blues in industries such as law enforcement and financial services. Have your painter update your home office with a shade of blue that comforts you the most. Then, pair the blue with whites for a refreshing setting, golds and silvers to glam it up, or greens for a natural feel.

Home Office Painting-Blue paired with beige gives this office a calm and natural feel-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters

4. Yellow

Be careful with yellow, but please consider it. If you play on its strengths, yellow increases creativity. Associated with warmth and sunshine, yellow sets the mood for positivity and cheerfulness.

Use pastel tones, as in the photo at right, or add a yellow accent wall.

Home Office Painting-Pastel yellow sets the mood for positivity and cheerfulness-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters

It looks great with whites, grays, and blues as complimentary paint colors. Too much yellow or dazzling shades, however, can produce unwanted effects such as negativity, sensitivity, and irritability.

5. Green

We associate green with nature, growth, and renewal. It goes well with almost all other colors. Green is a wonderful base to achieve a specific mood or theme.

For instance, you can choose shades symbolic of beaches, shabby chic, forests, jewels, adventure, or meditation. Green can also represent money, health, healing, calm, or environmental awareness, depending on the color scheme you choose.

Home Office Painting-Green is a wonderful base to achieve a specific mood or theme-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters

Pair green with textures or shapes for visual depth like crown molding, stripes, or two-toned walls.

6. Gold

Gold paint colors aren’t top of mind when considering home office painting ideas. But unique combinations of gold color schemes are optimistic. Gold can make you feel uplifted, encouraged, and motivated. It celebrates success.

As a business person working from home, these subconscious hints help you stay the course and triumph when times get tough. Gold can boost your performance and mental state of mind. Pair gold with another paint color that moves you and your home office painting project is a winner!

Home Office Painting-SW6697-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters
Home Office Painting-SW6691-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters
Home Office Painting-SW6391-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters
Home Office Painting-SW6370-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters
Home Office Painting-SW6670-Interior Painting-ProTEK Painters

Best Home Office Painting Ideas to Suit Your Industry

The home office is where you achieve goals, problem-solve challenges, and accomplish dreams. And paint colors play a vital role. Color causes us to behave in certain ways, either learned or inherited.

Be more creative, inspired, productive, confident, and fulfilled while you impress visitors with a stylish professional home office. Use color psychology to influence thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Choose colors based on the mood you want to evoke.

  • Shades of green, from lime to olive, are ideal for educational, library and research settings.
  • White works well for sterile environments such as laboratories and hospitals, or as a backdrop.
  • Blue colors create a calming space for health clinics, law offices, and financial institutions.
  • Reds encourage appetite and vigor as a great accent for restaurants or the gaming industry.

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