Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Services

Add Instant Charm and Character to Your Kitchen!

Cabinet painting transforms the look of your kitchen on a budget. For instance, have you had the same cabinets for years? Do they feel outdated, tired, and ready for a change?

After Cabinet Painting-ProTEK-Newton MA-600x450

Before: Dark stained cabinets

After: Bright white cabinets

Did you move into a new home or purchase plain unfinished cabinetry? A fresh coat of paint or stain applied by a skilled cabinet painter can create exactly the style you want.

Painting is a fraction of the cost of replacing existing cabinets or doing a full kitchen remodel. Moreover, the quality results we provide increase the resale value of your home. The annual cost vs value remodeling study states that minor kitchen improvements return at least 70% of your investment, whereas a major and very expensive remodel only returns about 50%. sell houses.

Don't Hire a Fast-Track House Painter

Kitchen cabinet painting requires experience, meticulous detail, and patience. When getting bids, be sure to ask how many cabinet paint jobs a house painting company has completed. Get references and check credentials.

Many house painting companies aim to get a paint job done f-a-s-t. Therefore, they shy away from cabinet paint jobs. Or they don't have the expertise for this type of work and rush through it.

ProTEK Painters of Newton has offered cabinet painting as a service since 1999. Thus, we learned early on how to master the trade and choose the best paint products.

As a result, you enjoy brighter, fresher, lovely cabinetry - a luxurious finish that's durable enough to last for years.

Transform Your Kitchen into Fresh and Fabulous

Colorizing with Paint

If painting is your preference, the color options are plentiful. Find inspiration and ideas on our blog. In addition, you can take advantage of our color matching and consultation.

Specifically, we offer:

  • New cabinet painting and interior kitchen painting near Newton.
  • Convert oak or other hardwood to a painted finish.
  • Transition painted cabinets to a brand-new color scheme.
  • Upgrade hardware and hinges.
Gray Painted Kitchen Island - Cabinet Painters of Newton, MA - ProTEK Painters
White Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Newton, MA - ProTEK Painters 600x400

Refinishing with Stain

All kitchen cabinet refinishing highlights the grain, character, and warmth of your hardwood. Choose stain colors from light to dark to match your vision.

For this reason, we offer several options:

  • New kitchen cabinet staining and refinishing.
  • Strip existing wood finish and re-stain, seal, and protect.
  • Clear finish coats for sealing and protecting.
  • Hardware and hinge upgrades.

Our Cabinet Painters Follow this Process

Step 1: First, we remove the cabinets' hardware and protect unaffected areas.
Step 2: Second, we clean, sand, and vacuum the surfaces of the cabinets.
Step 3: Next, we stain or prime. Then, we apply the first coat of paint, enamel, or varnish.
Step 4: Finally, we apply the topcoat and put your cabinets back together.

Bonus! You can continue using your kitchen throughout the project.

Preparing Your Kitchen for the Project

There are only two things we ask you to do before we arrive for the job:

✔  Clear off your kitchen counters and remove breakables in your cupboards.

✔  Empty your cabinets and drawers if we are painting the interiors. You may leave items inside if we're only painting cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Why Choose ProTEK Painters?

We've got the credentials, proven reputation, and expertise to save you time and money.

Refinishing or repainting kitchen cabinets is an affordable way for you to achieve a whole new look in one of the most visited rooms in your home.