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Paint Color of the Year 2020

Here is the paint color of the year for 2020 from three major paint brands along with trends and color combinations.

This year represents new beginnings. It heralds a decade of bold choices and sweeping changes with a connection back to nature. Decorators are using mineral-based materials such as marble and Mother of pearl as well as adding more greenery in and around the home.

You can see this reflected in color trends that include blues, greens, “straw” yellow, and various shades and tints of gray. These are all colors that showcase a kind of affinity with the earth and its various components.

Last year’s trends were also earth tones but they were strong and solid colors such as terracotta. 2020 offers a subtle yet distinct difference in the earth palette.

Benjamin Moore Paint Color of the Year 2020
First Light 2102-70

Color of the Year 2020 - First Light - ProTEK Painters - Auburndale, MAFirst Light is a neutral that deftly straddles between being warm and cool. It has a soft rosy hue, which is both subtle and powerful.

As a neutral, it combines well with other colors from the Benjamin Moore 2020 color trending palette. For example, Golden Straw 2152-50 is a yellow that will add some warmth to a room. This can work extremely well in kitchens.

First Light also lends itself to pairing with darker, bolder and dramatic colors such as Blue Danube, Crushing Green or Thunder.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year
Naval SW 6244

Color of the Year Sherwin Williams Naval - ProTEK Painters - Interior Painter Auburndale, MAYou can probably guess the color just from its name. It’s blue, but Sherwin-Williams Naval isn’t just any blue. It’s a strong, bold hue that immediately conjures up the power of the ocean or an infinite night sky.

Naval also has that rich Art-Deco feel, making it a perfect main color for any room where you’d like to give a touch of opulence or luxuriousness.

Brass fittings, such as light fixtures, work well with this color. Metallic accent colors such as Tarnished Trumpet SW9026 will add a sense of comfort. Choosing this color or Midday SW6695 will bring warmth to Naval.

A paint color such as Kale Green 6460 will add a sense of grounding and a back-to-nature feel. You can see all these trending colors at Sherwin-Williams 2020 paint color of the year guide.

Behr – Back to Nature 5340-4

Color of the Year 2020 - Behr Back to Nature - Painting Contractor ProTEK Painters - Auburndale, MABehr’s Back to Nature is a soft-hued green. It immediately makes you think of Granny Smith apples, freshly mowed lawns, and delicate leafy plants.

This color perfectly exemplifies why the trend for back-to-nature palettes is at the top of the 2020 combinations. You can virtually bring a touch of nature inside. Because green is a cool color, you need to pair it with something warm or bold.

Graphic Charcoal N500-6 is an excellent choice for window frames or glass doors as it perfectly frames the trim without overpowering Back to Nature. Battleship Gray N360-4 is a softer, lighter gray that works well on splashbacks or crown molding. It is warmer than Back to Nature, so the colors balance each other.

You can see Back To Nature painted in different rooms with different color trims at the Behr 2020 color inspiration page.

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