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Yes, We Can Paint Vinyl Siding Exteriors

Don't Replace. Repaint!

Ideally, vinyl siding should be thoroughly cleaned every year.

It accumulates dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. It gets stained by insect, bird, and spider droppings, lime deposits, and pollen.

Vinyl is susceptible to staining from herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides. The finish on vinyl siding can be harmed by asphalt driveway sealer, oil, tar, soot, certain cleaning products, wet concrete, and other chemicals.

In the 70s and 80s, vinyl siding was marketed as 'maintenance-free'. While it definitely had its advantages, it wasn't as low maintenance or durable as believed.

If your vinyl siding is sun-faded, the enamel coating is washing away in the rain, or you're just tired of the color and want a change, it's time to paint. Save thousands of dollars and paint vinyl siding rather than replacing it.

Artillery Fungus on Vinyl Siding

This fungus often grows in shredded wood mulch placed as landscaping around a home.

Artillery Fungus on Vinyl Siding - ProTEK Painters - Paint Vinyl Siding - Newton MAIt propels sticky spores into the air up to 20 feet, which cling to the sides of your home as high as the second story and even to cars parked in your driveway.

They look like small specks of black tar. They are very difficult to remove without damaging the surface of the vinyl.

Even if you are able to remove them by scraping, power washing, or using harsh chemicals, they leave behind a brown stain as well as any damage done during their removal.

ProTEK Painters to the rescue!

It is possible to paint over artillery fungus and the stains they cause with a special process that includes light sanding and priming. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can restore and refresh your vinyl siding.

NOTE: If you are having an artillery fungus issue, we recommend replacing wood mulch with stone or decorative gravel.

Preparation is Key When You Paint Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding requires specialized cleaning and exterior painting preparation to ensure the longevity of the new paint. We utilize the latest technology in paint coatings to provide incredibly durable results.

The Process

The steps to painting vinyl are similar to other types of exterior house painting (i.e. aluminum, wood, stucco).

✔  The siding is meticulously cleaned to remove dirt, debris, mold, and stains. Our methods ensure water does not get in between the panel courses as we clean the surface.

✔  Because it's vulnerable to weather damage, we may recommend some repairs.

✔  Then we ensure the surface is dry before adding the paint color of your choice.

Benefit from our color consultation services. We can help you achieve a new color scheme, match your existing color, or even match the neighbor's house!

Ready to Refresh Your Vinyl Siding?

ProTEK Painters offers all of the credentials and experience you need in an exterior painting contractor:

Browse exterior painting FAQs for more information. We also restore and paint stucco and aluminum siding.

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