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The Benefits of Painting Aluminum Siding

Revive and Restore for Big Savings

Painting aluminum siding is an effective way to repair and rejuvenate the exterior of your home while maintaining its protective properties. You will save thousands of dollars painting versus replacing it with another type of siding.

Unlike other metals, aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form aluminum oxide. This extremely hard material protects a home with aluminum siding from warping and rust.

It offers weather protection and insulation features. In addition, aluminum siding is installed in such a way to prevent openings where water can enter to cause moisture problems.

It's true that aluminum siding is durable and long-lasting; however, it's color coating fades and chips over time.

The Process of Painting Aluminum Siding

Painting aluminum siding is not easily done as a DIY project. It requires specialized equipment and a skilled, labor-intensive process.

  1. Cleaning: We use commercial power washing equipment using a professional water/detergent mixture. Our methods ensure water does not get in between the panel courses as we clean the surface.
  2. Preparation: Exterior painting prep work includes sanding of chips, flakes, and peeling. We will complete repairs and protect doors, windows, vents, and landscaping.
  3. Painting: First, we'll add a primer coat. Then, we paint with a finish coat in the color of your choice.

Take advantage of our color consultation services. We can help you achieve a new color scheme, match your existing color, or even match a friend's house color.

Ready to Paint Your Aluminum Siding?

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Added services include light carpentry, deck staining and refinishing, fence painting, and garage floor epoxy finishing.

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