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Refresh and Repair with Stucco Painting

Painting stucco is as necessary and labor-intensive as any other home exterior such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding.

What makes it different is the amount of repair work, whether it has a rough, medium, or smooth texture, and the number of coats.

We insist on using higher-end paint products to eliminate problems like runs, inconsistent color, and durability issues that typically arise when using cheaper paint.

However, we have relationships with manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and California Paints and pass our discounted pricing on to you.

"ProTEK painters painted the exterior of our house. The stucco was in poor condition with lots of old vines attached and cracks. When they were done it looked like new stucco."
Newton, MA, A-rated on Angie's List

Our Stucco Painting Process

Step 1: Repair cracks, peeling, and other damage. We will also apply caulk wherever wood meets the stucco. Patching may be required in larger areas of damage. In some cases, there may be a project delay up to ten days while repair materials set and cure.

Step 2: Thorough pressure washing and cleaning. The stucco must dry thoroughly after cleaning is complete. Weather is also monitored to avoid trapping moisture between the stucco and the paint.

Step 3: Preparation. Exterior painting prep includes protecting doors, windows, vents, landscaping, and related items.

Step 4: Apply a primer coat as a sealant that helps prevent future cracking, water damage, and other issues. If your stucco has stains, we can use a stain-blocking primer to help keep stains from bleeding through. This primer coat must dry thoroughly before we start painting.

Step 5: Painting stucco begins. We'll utilize specific equipment, processes, and the number of paint coats depending on the texture of your stucco.

When the painting is complete, you'll have a finish coat that provides beautiful, lasting results.

Trust in ProTEK Painters to have the best credentials and a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We're not done until you tell us we're done.

"We were painting the exterior of our house and detached garage. Mostly stucco siding with wood trim. The owner, John Guarino, responded promptly to my request for an estimate... and his price was competitive. Pressure wash was done on July 26, and painting began on August 8. In addition to the painting, there was light carpentry on the wood trim and some masonry patches on the stucco siding.

The job took 5 work days (with interruptions for rain and curing of masonry patches). Work completed on August 25. The crew of 4-5 painters was incredibly hard-working, putting in several 12-hour days. The quality of the work was excellent. When issues and questions arose, communication with the owner was easy and prompt via email and text."
Newton, MA, A-rated on Angie's List

Browse exterior painting FAQs for details.

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