Freshen and Brighten Your Room with Popcorn Ceiling Removal

You've made a smart decision to update the texture of your ceilings. In its heyday, this ceiling style was popular for its tactile surface and sound-blocking attributes, however, Newton homeowners grumble about the harsh shadows it throws, and the difficulty of keeping that crater-like façade clear of dust and cobwebs. Removing the sprayed-on ceiling plaster immediately makes a room look larger and more vibrant.


As noted by our customer, Pete, the vintage popcorn-textured ceilings made their home look passé.

We Love How the Ceilings Look!

We were looking for someone to remove popcorn ceilings as it made our home look dated. After speaking with several other painters and contractors, I found ProTEK. We liked how John detailed the job and stated he and his team have experience in removing popcorn ceilings. The workers were prompt every day, they were professional and cleaned up thoroughly. We love how the completed ceilings look. We would highly recommend using ProTEK.

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Newton homeowners don't have to accept living with undesirable popcorn ceilings. Just call ProTEK for easy ceiling restoration!

Once Very Popular Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings, also known as acoustic, textured, stipple or cottage cheese ceilings, were popular in homes built as far back as the late 1930s. Builders liked that these ceilings were inexpensive, easily applied, and provided good cover for small imperfections such as cracks and nail holes. In its day, homeowners liked that it gave a warm, cozy feel to a room, as well as appreciating its sound-muffling qualities.

Popcorn vs. Smooth Ceiling

Let's look at the differences between a textured and a smooth ceiling.

  • Smooth ceilings are less likely to collect dust and are much easier to clean than textured ceilings.
  • Popcorn ceilings are very difficult to repair. Patching a textured ceiling is a lengthy, tedious process, and still may not match the existing texture once the repair is complete.
  • Smooth ceilings brighten the room and makes the ceiling feel higher. While popcorn ceilings may make a room feel cozy, it risks feeling cramped and crowded.
  • Popcorn ceilings perform poorly in kitchens, bathrooms and other locations that experience humidity. The porous material absorbs moisture which loosens the plaster, creating cracks, and even causing the ceiling to fail.
  • Smooth ceilings are easy to repaint.
  • Ceilings installed prior to 1978 could have been made with asbestos-containing materials.
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Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Removal-AFTER-Newton MA-ProTEK Painters-400x200

Smooth Ceiling

Getting rid of popcorn ceilings with ProTEK Painters is a valuable add-on to any new home improvement projects like living room, home office, or bedroom painting.

Our ProTEK technicians are trained to safely remove textured acoustic ceilings in the Newton area.

The ProTEK Ceiling Makeover Method

How do we transform a jagged, textured ceiling into a crisp, smooth surface?

  1. First, we moisten the ceiling and gently scrape the plaster following EPA guidelines. We're careful to protect your floors during this messy process.
  2. Once dry, we patch and repair the drywall. The spray-on texture was favored for it's ability to easily hide imperfections in the ceiling. So, we'll fix any holes, cracks, or issues of poor workmanship that are uncovered.
  3. Next, we sand the surface and prime for paint. Sometimes we may need to perform a bit more patching to get a perfectly smooth ceiling.
  4. Now, your ceiling is ready for an interior finish coat of paint.

Popular Colors to Paint the Ceiling

Did you consider the paint color for your new smooth ceiling? If you didn't, you're not alone. Most people have lived only with white ceilings, but you're free to paint your ceiling (the fifth wall) any colors you paint your walls! Let's look at the most popular ceiling paint colors in the Newton, MA area.

White: White or off-white will always be popular and traditional colors for a ceiling. Since it reflects light, white creates an illusion of depth which makes your room look larger. Look for a white that shares undertones with your primary wall color for a seamless color flow.

Neutral: Neutrals, like white, never go out of style. A lighter shade will coordinate your room while maintaining that impression of a higher ceiling.

Same as Walls: Apply your wall paint color at half-strength to match while keeping the ceiling light and bright.

Pastels: Consider contrasting a light pastel like Bird's Egg blue or Powder Pink with your neutral or white walls for a playful and airy look.

Dark: Generally, it's recommended to use a lighter color for your ceiling, however, a case can be made for the appeal of a darker ceiling. The dark ceiling helps a large room feel cozy and welcoming. Deep navy blue or dark gray creates an elegant energy.

Accent: If your ceiling includes any architectural features, like crown molding, shiplap, or a tray or vaulted ceiling, you've got an opportunity to highlight those details with paint. Bruton White on an interesting ceiling with Harwood Putty walls looks traditional but with a subtle je ne sais quoi appeal.

Whatever color you choose, we recommend a flat or matte finish, eggshell or satin sheen.

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