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Bring Tuscan Paint Colors Borrowed from Nature into Your Home

Tuscan Home Decor Begins with Color

The gorgeous Tuscany landscape of Italy inspires Tuscan paint colors. Look out across the land, and your eyes will feast on golds, yellows, greens, browns, blues, and creamy beige. As the sun sets, the view features deeper hues of grays, reds, rusts, oranges, and purples.

Tuscan paint colors are warm, inviting, rustic, and stunning. This color scheme takes inspiration from natural elements that never go out of style and bring them into your home.

Prominent throughout New England in general, and the Boston area specifically, the appeal of Tuscan runs deep. Boston has a rich and proud history of Italian-American culture.

Your Tuscan Kitchen

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The heart of any Italian-inspired home is the kitchen where food and family are deeply rooted traditions. Tuscan kitchen decorating is very affordable and completely transforms the space.

Expensive and time-consuming techniques like faux painting or plastering are not necessary to achieve this look. Focus purely on the color schemes and Tuscany-flavored accents in wood (like crown molding), clay, marble, wrought iron, and stone.

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A Tuscan kitchen does not have to be dramatic. In fact, simplicity is the core of this color scheme.

You can keep the walls and cabinets soft, neutral colors for a clean backdrop. Add old-world hardware to your cabinets, terra-cotta pottery, rustic decor, perhaps a stone tile backsplash, and a plant or some herbs on the countertop.

Start with Tuscan Paint Colors from Recognized Paint Manufacturers

The comforting appeal of a Tuscan-inspired home cannot be denied.

Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr all have Tuscan color combinations. Use our paint color chart to help you choose just the right colors.

ProTEK Painters offers a free color consultation to our customers for both interior and exterior painting projects. Our professional house painters will bring your vision to life.


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