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Is tattered or tacky wallpaper giving your home a dated feel? Are you ready for a change?

Wallpaper removal is not an easy DIY project. If wallpaper isn’t removed properly it can damage your drywall and suddenly you have a much bigger and more expensive interior painting job on your hands.

The ProTEK Painters team has been removing wallpaper from Newton-area homes since 1999. Licensed, bonded, insured, and EPA lead certified, we've earned hundreds of customer reviews that demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.

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Our Wallpaper Removal Process

When doing business with us, the hardest part of the project for you will be choosing your paint colors! You can take advantage of our color consultation services to help you achieve your vision.

Our wallpaper removal process involves:

  • Wet down the surface with a non-toxic solution.
  • Gently peel away the wallpaper using specialized tools.
  • Prepare wall surfaces to include drywall repair, sanding, and any needed light carpentry.
  • Clean the walls and apply a coat of primer.
  • Apply the paint color of your choice.

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

Wallpaper Removal and Interior Painting - ProTEK Painters - Newton MA

Who knows what is lurking beneath your wallpaper.

Holes, dents, and other drywall imperfections, more layers of wallpaper, or even dark-colored paint that will require several coats to cover.

Although we have the skill to handle whatever is under your wallpaper, it may be possible to paint over it rather than removing it.

However, it may be more labor-intensive and it requires meticulous preparation.

Here is a summary of the steps involved in painting over wallpaper:

- Repair or patching of the existing wallpaper.

- Clean the walls with TSP (trisodium phosphate).

- Wash off the TSP. Too little water won't remove the chemical and then the paint won't adhere. Too much water and you may damage the drywall.

- To avoid peeling, apply an adhesive compound at the seams.

- Apply a coat of oil-based primer-sealer.

- Allow the walls to dry thoroughly.

- Apply the first coat of paint. Use a brush for corners and edges; use a roller for the rest.

- Again, allow the walls to dry thoroughly.

- Lightly sand the walls to remove imperfections for a smoother finish.

- Apply a second coat of paint.

Depending on the pattern and coloring of the wallpaper, you may need a third or fourth coat of paint.

When we come to your home for a estimate consultation, we can help you decide which is the best choice - removing wallpaper or painting over it.

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In addition to wallpaper removal, we also offer our expertise in kitchen cabinet and crown molding painting, popcorn ceiling removal, and even concrete staining or epoxy.

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