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Wellesley Painters, Value-Packed for Homeowners

As Wellesley painters since 1999, ProTEK and Owner John Guarino has provided interior and exterior service to local homeowners.

Professional Wellesley House Painters with Over 20 Years’ Experience

You’ll have an amazing painting contractor experience with benefits like:

  • Two-year Workmanship Warranty.
  • John is hands-on and supervises every job.
  • Your dedicated production manager oversees the quality and customer service of your painting project.
  • Environmentally-responsible low and zero-VOC paint products and eco-friendly processes.
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and EPA Lead Certified.
  • BBB Accredited. Member of the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber.
  • Hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials.

You can see our work in many Wellesley neighborhoods such as Wellesley Hills, Country Club, Peirce Estates, Wellesley Farms, College Heights, Poets Corner. The Fells, Linden Street, Cliff Estates, Lower Falls, and Dana Hall.

Committed to Sustainable Community

With a population that almost doubled in the 1920s, it is no surprise Wellesley has a substantial number of pre-war homes. The dedication to historical buildings is evident. We know they deserve respect.

As a town of scientists, professionals, artists, and students it is not surprising Wellesley is so committed to the environment. From the number of home offices to residents commuting via public transit, from Wellesley’s unique waste management and recycling programs to its multiple green awards, residents show their commitment to this ideal.

ProTEK shares your values, offering low and no VOC options and careful treatment of any remaining lead paint to protect your loved ones and environment.

Wellesley MA Painting Contractors - ProTEK Painters - Green Painted Living Room and Staircase with White Trim

Wellesley is also known for its dedication to family and community. The higher than the average number of owner-occupied homes, and a dedication to the senior members the town shows a kind of care not often seen elsewhere.

If your home is a turn of the century Tudor, a modern townhome, or anything in between, we have you covered.

From current trends, to paint schemes inspired by the diverse cultures that influence Wellesley’s population, we will paint a home you are happy to live in and that proudly fits into the neighborhood.

All the Services You Need from Wellesley Painters

We put a lot of skill and attention into the preparation of your space and the application of the paint. The right prep, applicators (brush/roller/spray), and the experience of our house painters makes all the difference in the world.

With years of experience in drywall repair, we’ll fix nail holes, worn joints or nail pops, and clean surfaces or seal stains as needed.

On exteriors, we’ll power wash, scrape, sand, caulk and perform light carpentry work.

Other services include kitchen cabinets, crown molding, wallpaper removal, decks, fences, and garage floors.

We are meticulous about protecting your property and personal items throughout the painting project. You can depend on us tidying up the area at the end of each day and thoroughly cleaning the site when the job is complete.

Browse FAQs to learn more about working with us and get answers to both interior and exterior painting questions.

Our Goal is Your Satisfaction

You've got it in writing ... "We're not done until you tell us we're done."

"Superb. Carefully went over every detail of the house and what we wanted. Extensive old paint alligatoring and chipping from earlier painting jobs. Elaborate fragile old plantings surround the house. They did just an excellent, job, all we had hoped and more. Daily communication and careful attention to every detail. Required heavy sanding/caulking. Expertise showed in choosing different types of paint/stain/filler to treat different surfaces, especially for unique structural elements. We added interior work when we saw their quality. Will never have anyone else."
Gail - Wellesley, MA

Put your trust in ProTEK Painters to save you time, money in product and materials, offer protection and value in the maintenance of your home and produce beautiful results you’ll be proud of.

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